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How to hire freelance Golang Developers

GoLang: A Programming Language You Need to Go with in Future.

Go, also known as GoLang, an open source programming language developed in 2007. It’s a statistically typed language with syntax as same as C. It provides dynamic type safety, typing capability, garbage collection and further in-built advance options. Golang is a complied language like C++which boasts user friendliness like interpreted languages, i.e. Python as well as made for large scale and complex software.

Although, Golang was created back in 2009 and in recent years it has started to gain recognition. The three lead Google developers, i.e. Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson developed it. Golang was formed by interconnecting the speed of Python and performance and security benefits of C++. This technique has easily worked in distributed environments and facilitates for them to write programs. The language formed for the purpose of multicore processors, computation clusters, cloud services, networked systems that make up computing landscape of modern IT infrastructure.

Why to hire Golang Developers?

As well all know that Golang is developed for precision thus it assists to prevent the vagueness even at time of high verbosity. Companies that have already embraced Golang – There are several multinational companies embracing GoLang and taking its advantages, such as – Google, YouTube, Apple, Dropbox, Docker, BBC, IBM, The Economist, The New York Times, Twitter, Facebook etc. You may have seen that their websites are running effectively, the reason behind this is Golang to manage server-side. If you want to hire freelance Golang developers, Fixnhour has wide range of Golang Developers at affordable prices. You can choose the one as per your project requirements.

What are the benefits of using GoLang for programming?

  • Handle Heavy Load -

    Golang has reduced interpreter as it converts programs directly into machine code. In this relation, the Go compiler is used to convert code into executable files. The advanced Golang compiler enables to check errors in the code and make deployment easy. This compilation achieves many optimizations on the machine code to make it run as fast as possible.
  • Garbage Collection -

    Garbage collection, or say automatic memory management of Golang is an efficient feature. The programming language enables to provide control over memory allocation, resulting reduced latency in the latest versions of garbage collector.
  • Scalability -

    Golang is built with scalability by default. As an application grows, there is require to manage multiple tasks at a single time, such as - delivering HTML pages to different web browsers. Along with this, it also comes with several in-built features including Goroutines(functions) and Channels to handle simultaneous tasks within one application.
  • Cross Compiling -

    It enables to cross-compile your application and run it on other machine. The Go compiler assists to create executable binaries for multiple operating systems with easy commands. You can make cross-compile original source code in order to implement it on numerous machines rather than installing Golang on foreign machines.
  • Static Typing -

    Golang makes you ensure that the code gets compiled properly as well as look out for compatibility and other type conversions. This can supports to avoid issues that developers face in the dynamic-typed language, wherein they discover bugs only after executing the code.
  • Testing Support -

    Golang has brought Unit Testing in the language which allows developers to write their Unit tests parallel with code by acquiring a simple measure. It also provides guidance to understand code coverage by some tests, benchmark tests, and write example code to create the code documentation.
  • Simplicity-

    Golang is a simple and easy to understand language, people can learn it in less time. Even for beginners, it strives to be simple to read and write. Go prefers Composition over Inheritance. Also, its Type System is well-designed.

What are the core features of Golang?

  • Compiled-

    Go doesn’t require any interpreters or runtime installations. It generates binaries for the applications.
  • Garbage collection-

    Go has an effective garbage collector for automatic memory management.
  • C-like syntax-

    Go’s syntax is very similar to that of C, but with only 25 characters.
  • Safe-

    Go is a statically typed language which is type safety enabled, i. e. compiler detects the errors before execution.
  • Standard library-

  • Go has a powerful standard library of packages that support Go programs.
  • Multi-paradigm-

    Go supports several multiple paradigms like it’s imperative, object-oriented, etc.

GoLang FAQs

Goroutines and channels

Concurrency is an ability to deal with lots of things in a single time, including –handling multiple requests of web-server. It is useful for building software which enables to take full advantage of several cores or process threads. The main selling point of Go is it supports features that facilitates concurrency and make it out of the box, i.e. Go Routines and channels

Goroutines are the functions that run simultaneously with the other functions/methods. Goroutine methods are similar to that of threads in Java, instead the latter is lighter and easier to create. It simply means that a program doesn’t need to wait for a function to move on another task. If you’re well known with Java threads, Goroutines are easier and lighter to create. Such as -

  • Fast-

    takes little time in startup than Java threads.
  • Lightweight-

    takes very few memory space (in kBs), which allows you to run millions of them.
  • Flexible-

    It’s growable. It has segmented stacks that take memory as required.
  • Easily controllable –

    Channels allows two or more Goroutine to coordinate and synchronize its execution.

Benefits to hire freelance Golang Developers at Fixnhour

The only way to get the full extent of benefits of Golang lies through proper understanding of core concepts. If you want to hire Golang Developers at Fixnhour, you’ll get package of benefits with our skilled expertise-

  • Golang has good credentials –

    The programming language is financed by Google. Moreover, its creators are amazing and geniuses as well as they have contributed to such influential things as C, B, Unix, JVM, and others. Golang was aimed as a future-proof language so as to meet the challenges of the present and forestall future challenges as well.
  • Golang is open source by nature -

    It’s extremely vital for a programming language to be open-source to become better, cleaner, and more efficient. In case, the code has defects, developers will detect and remove the bugs at the same time.
  • Golang is fast-

    It has a simple structure, syntax and devoid of classes as well as type inheritance. The programming language is based on functions that make it faster and easier to learn. Golang can be easily complied thus it provides faster feedback, shorter time to market, and saves time and money.
  • Golang is concurrent -

    Concurrency is extremely important in this present time. Golang allows several processes running simultaneously and effectively. It has efficient concurrency due to which Java, C and C++ can run simultaneously in Go, all this is possible due to goroutines, channels, and garbage collection.
  • Golang is cross-platform –

    The programming language can be used for multiple platforms, i.e. Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD versions and mobile devices in 2015. In addition, Golang can be easily complied on many operating systems.
  • Golang has a garbage collector –

    Garbage collector is a form of automatic memory management that puts a vast impact on performance and helps to make concurrency more efficient.
  • Golang keeps the bugs away –

    The last benefit of Golang is it keeps away errors from code. Being a compiled language it is statically and strictly typed, due to which developers have to be more accurate and attentive, so the code is neater and safer.

Built with GoLang

In order to give you some real examples of how Go can be used, here is given certain examples of tools and software of GO-

  • CloudFare –

    It’s a content delivery network, helps in internet security service and DDoS mitigation.
  • DropBox –

    The file sharing app and the cloud storage.
  • Kubernetes –

    The Google backend container management platform
  • ItsAbot –

    the build-your-own virtual assistance framework
  • Malwarebytes –

    the antivirus software.

Basically, Golang is adopted to accomplish the server-side-needs of clients and tools. Although, the most use of Go at Google are confidential, the company takes full advantage of language they developed.

Can I use Go for My Next Project?

Go was developed to resolve “Google-sized” problems. As a common purpose language assists in concurrency, especially useful for project that includes – distributed networks, cloud services and further compound back-end technologies.

If you’re facing common scalability issues, i.e. slow builds, uncontrolled dependencies, messy documentation, costly updates and difficulty writing automation tools, then hire a freelance Golang Developers at Fixnhour for your upcoming web projects.

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