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Our Story

While working as a freelancer and operating as an offshore IT company, we realised that freelancers face numerous issues on freelance portals, i.e. lack of security, payment issues, account suspension, complex navigation and so on. In order to overcome such issues, I along with my friend decided to launch a platform where job providers and job seekers can easily connect, interact and engage with each other in a cohesive working environment. Our main focus is to help Fixnhour users get more freelance jobs, pitch high profile clients, negotiate rates and grow their freelance business.

A new era of opportunities is born

The web-based platform is aimed to bring visibility and trust to remote work. It helps in making a business successful cost-effectively, allowing people to reach a wide range of talented candidates. At Fixnhour, you will get qualified, skilled and experienced professionals who can deliver your project as expected. While workers get the opportunity to easily find jobs online and freedom of work. Together they can start a company and achieve desired goals and objectives.

In the epoch of technology, innovation is the foundation of Fixnhour. Freelancers can earn lots of money from the millions of jobs offered by companies. You get 4000+ skills and over 70 categories of work at Fixnhour.

Through Fixnhour, businesses get connected with numerous freelancers to get their projects done ranging from categories like web and mobile app development to content writing, social media marketing to business development executive, SEO to graphic design, admin help and further things. Fixnhour makes it easy, fast, simple, cost-effective to hire best professionals from anywhere and anytime across India.

The platform assures you to not to worry about scam postings, research the jobs and get new gigs pretty thoroughly. For beginners, Fixnhour is a great way to build their portfolio and add more skills to their resume.

Create a culture of freedom and openness

We are hungry to change the world of work. Innovation in technology has entirely changed the way work is carried out today. Fixnhour believes that the future of work should be centred around freedom. Freedom to choose what to work, how to work and where to work; all things will be in your control as per your time. Apart from this, every idea is appreciated at Fixnhour, everyone is open to ask what, why and how. All this is, because of our shared openness we deliver flexible and alternative ways to bring ideas to the platform.

Your ideas will be tested, adapted and implemented to push the industry’s boundary if they create value for us.

Our Vision

To empower individuals across the world to achieve their work dream from bottom to top.

Our Mission

To make people financially and professionally independent by making right use of their skills and knowledge.

Our Values

  • Put our community first
  • Debunk the 9 to 5 work model
  • Create long lasting relationship with our clients
  • Build team-work and friendly environment
  • Ensure sustainability and resolve problems

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