Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Limitation of Liability

In no event shall the team at Fixnhour, our partners or any other member of the Fixnhour staff be liable for the following unless the company’s failure to act involves fraud, intentional misconduct or knowing violation of law:
1. any loss of funds or income directly or indirectly incurred by you due to transactions done on the website
2. any consequential or incidental or special or indirect damages incurred by you knowingly or unknowingly
User, in this case- you agree to limit the company’s liability arising from errors or professional obligations in such a manner that it shall not exceed the total funds involved for the services offered under a specific agreement.

Limits & Fraud Prevention

To prevent frauds and keep the system clean, we reserve the right to decline the user’s funds withdrawal request if the source is suspected to be fraudulent.
In case the fraudulent transaction gets through from one account to another, it will be reversed immediately without your consent. You must deposit the funds back to your account in case the funds have been released to you, otherwise, we stand liable to take legal action against you and also suspend, limit or cancel your account with immediate effect to recover those funds.
To further prevent frauds, we, in our sole discretion, may place a limit on some or all of the funds in your account if we become aware of the following:
1. that there is risk associated with your account or transactions done by you, such funds will be subject to reversal
2. that the funds are being transferred to someone other than you
3. that the funds are being transferred to a country we don’t provide our services
In case of a dispute, we may limit your account activity by stopping the release of funds. This is to cover the amount of any potential liability. We may also remove funds from your account if required to settle the dispute.
If you come out as a winner of the dispute, then we will lift the account restrictions enabling the fund release option. However, we may also put restrictions on your account if we suspect fraud or other unacceptable behaviour. The restrictions won’t be eased until we investigate the complete


We use your personal details like name and others for identification purposes as stated in our Privacy Policy. You can read the terms in the privacy policy and if you are not comfortable then you can choose not to use our services. We would be using your name on invoices, purchase orders and others.
We may use your personal details to gather feedback from clients, which help our business grow by accumulating real-life examples and customer stories. Fixnhour, in no circumstances, acts as a party in the final Service Agreement between Client and Freelancer. The contract is prepared based on the clauses mentioned in our privacy policy and involves just two parties, client and freelancer.

Cancellations and refunds
Project cancellation policy

A cancellation request can be placed after the commencement of a project provided the funds are still present in the Escrow account. If the buyer of the service/product believes that a refund should be made then the buyer can contact the support team of Fixnhour or simply request for a refund through the admin panel.

Project refund policy

The buyer of services/product can only request for refunds under the following circumstances:

  • Unresponsive freelancer: if the freelancer has not responded within one working day after the commencement of the project;
  • Non-delivery: if the freelancer fails to deliver the scope of work within the set timeframe or spent no time working on the job in case of the ‘hourly model’;
  • poor quality: if the deliverables provided by the freelancer do not meet the terms discussed in the service contract;
Other than the above-mentioned points, the client and the freelancer can mutually agree to a refund. However, authorization for the same will still subject to the final approval from Fixnhour.
It is to be noted that refund request is only applicable if the funds are still in the Escrow Account. It is advised to the client to only release funds once satisfied because a refund request after the release of funds from the Escrow Account is not valid and that money is non-refundable.
Also, avoid reversing a payment through Bank or PayPal or other payment gateway providers or filing a dispute against the same. This will automatically suspend the buyer’s account so it’s important to take note well in advance.
Upon consideration of the circumstances ensuring that the refund request is genuine and it does not violate any terms and conditions, Fixnhour will process the refund. On the contrary, if Fixnhour finds enough reasons for the violation of terms or parties seeking to avoid their obligations, Fixnhour will discard the refund request with immediate effect.

Refund and cancellation penalties

Fixnhour doesn’t promote cancellation of orders or refund of payments. Fraudulent or suspicious activities will impact the parties in the following manner:

  • the freelancer status will be impacted negatively along with the rankings if the freelancer is at fault for the refund in cases like project cancellation, no response after project acceptance and commencement or poor quality of work delivered;
  • the client’s or buyer’s status will be impacted negatively if found at fault, in cases like where the buyer cancelled the project due to a change in their business need;
  • the user account is likely to be restricted temporarily or permanently depending upon the severity if found to be benefitted of multiple refunds;

Additional Terms

It is our generous advice to you to read and understand all our policies as they give you a better idea of how Fixnhour works, we operate and things run. There may be additional rules or policies that you need to make sure to comply with, check our help page and policies mentioned below for the same stating terms related to services offered on our platform, including but not limited to:

Kindly note that we update our policies from time to time so before indulging in any of the services please go through the related policy.

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