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Post a project

Register with us to post a project with a brief about your project and skill set required. We’ll help you match with the best-suited freelancers from all over the world.


Hire Freelancer

From a varied community of freelancers, connect with the suitable ones, invite them to bid, review their proposal and hire them to achieve desired objectives.


Review & Pay

Get work done according to your requirements. Review once completed and pay freelancers at a fixed price, as decided and mentioned in the service contract.

Why Should You Bank on Fixnhour Services?

Impeccable Support

We are here to ease your workload. No matter what troubles you, reach out to us for a quick and feasible solution.


Trusted System

We safeguard our systems, data and servers for seamless operation. You can bank on us for the safest of services.


Timely Reporting

We have a systematic reporting tool in place that enables you to track progress and meet deadlines every time.


Uncomplicated Billing

We follow zero-trouble policy at Fixnhour, hence have made billing and invoicing simpler than ever – it’s quick and easy.


Secured Fund Transfer

Experience hassle-free payments with Fixnhour, we hold funds in an escrow account until both parties consider the job done.


Exceptional Talent

The world seems to be a confined place with talented freelancers from all over the world. Hire them for targeted results.

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Funds Protection

Want to get the job done in the most systematic and risk-free manner? Register on Fixnhour to connect and work with talented individuals from almost every nation of the world.

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Anti-fraud Protection

Our expert encryption techniques along with deep monitoring make sure that your funds remain safe from any kind of phishing or online fraud.

Happy to help

Don’t hesitate to point out a flaw or discuss your troubles, our customer service desk is available just to solve your queries.

Smooth and Reliable

We keep payments in our escrow account until the client and the freelancer consider the job as completed.

Freelancer For All Your Business Needs

Get work done at competitive rates by advanced and learned experts.

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